Birthday Bash

Today was my 20th birthday. 
Let's be honest, I don't really like my birthday on account of the past few years... let's recap

16: got chased by the neighborhood psycho. 
17: got dumped.
18: at nationals in Indiana. Spent most of the day in the motorhome. 
19: Found out The Scene Aesthetic canceled their Living Room Tour. Cried most of the day.
20: got dumped (relatively close to my b-day/close enough that it counts). 

So let's be honest, I wasn't too hopeful for today. I had to take a test for school. I was supposed to take it Friday but didn't. Based on the fact I woke up puking I didn't exactly see myself in the testing center in my current state. I woke up this morning at 7. Got ready and headed to the library. My test went. I guess that's all I was really expecting anyways. 

When I came home I opened the door and walked into a wall of balloons.
If you remember this post you know how I've always loved balloons and how I've kind of wanted someone to do this for me. Well basically my roomie is the greatest.

 Each of the balloons had a card on the bottom with something written on it. 

A little while later we ventured down to my parentals home. My mom took us all to lunch and then to get pedicures. It was SO relaxing! I could've stayed there all day.
I'm not much of a cake person so I decided to do mini bunt cakes instead of a typical cake. So after pedicures we headed to Nothing Bundt Cakes and picked up some cake.

After our afternoon venture we headed to Desert Star Playhouse. It was my mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, Jess, Peter, and myself. It was SO much fun! It was probably one of the better plays. Definitely the best this season. We got pizza, chatted, and just hung out at the show. It was super. We also ran into my aunt and uncle there, which was a pleasant surprise.
The Olio was the best I've seen. Basically the fact that they had Sweet Caroline in it made it amazing. Pretty sure Jess, Peter, and I had the loudest table. Talk about audience participation! We had a blast.

After that we headed back to my parent's for cake and ice cream and of course presents!  Somehow they (my mom, Peter, and Jess) managed to fit 20 candles on one little cake. It was awesome.
Peter serenaded us with his mad piano skills for a good hour or longer. He's basically incredible. The next Beethoven. I swear I could listen to him play for days! We played the whole duet book together which was definitely a highlight of the night, even though my sight reading skills could use some work.

I was definitely spoiled. I got flowers! (psh, who needs guys!?) A five year journal, which I am super stoked about! A mini gnome, yes I have a weird liking for gnomes. A fossil view finder key chain. A gnome charm and a Polaroid charm for my bracelet. Some sweats (SCORE!!!!). Jeans. TOMS. Dresses. And a few other things.

When we got home we checked the mail and I had a package from my dear friend Mary!
And bills.
I opened the package and loved it but I refused to open bills on my birthday. Psh, they can wait till tomorrow.

Overall it was a very successful day and the best birthday I have had in nearly five years.

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