Wearing Clothes is Hard

After a week at the lake... wearing clothes is hard. I'm thinking I'll drop out of school, commandeer a houseboat, and move to the lake. Anyone care to join? On second thought maybe it will be an invite only type of deal. I'm selective about people as of lately. 

Well remember this post?
Let's just say that this trip was basically round two. But to be honest, I don't have the patience in me to sit here and relive the memories of how stupid some people can be, let alone write about it. Let's just say some people should not be aloud to reproduce. Basically their children make me want to overdose on birth control.

We were down there nearly a week. Most of the time it seemed to be much longer than this and other times shorter. We had 4 boats which really was only 3 because my dad's dad's boat is a hunk a chunk o'crap. 2 of the other boats were pretty much full with their own family members and so that left us dealing with the nana generation. It was a joy. I have never wanted to scream so badly in my life. 

Here's some pictures. . . 

On Thursday we went and saw Rainbow Bridge, which was actually really awesome. I'm glad we went. It was also a bonus that there was no one under 5 foot on our boat and we actually had room to breathe. This was one of the more enjoyable moments of the week. It was nice to just be on the boat in the sun and have it be a stress free situation. While we were at the bridge the rangers, who were probably bored to tears, decided it would be appropriate to give us a history lesson. At one point he sounded like he was going to take us up closer to it but low and behold he walked us right over to where we were standing before. Talk about anticlimactic. I didn't really feel it was necessary to stand in the 110 degree + heat and hear him talk about the indians (who feel this is so sacred) got lost for five days before even finding the dang thing. 
Also while we were standing there sweating to death this random guy comes running up the trail, snaps a picture, and takes off running back down the trail. Well sir, I hope you enjoyed Rainbow Bridge. I guess this is one of the times that you hope a picture lasts longer and is worth a thousand words. 

The scenery is amazing down there. With the humungous red rocks, the water, and the blue sky it makes for some visually appealing terrain. 
I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I had but I did have some of the wake kite. It was way cool to watch the guys on it. 
Sad to say the highlight of my trip was probably a trip into Page, Arizona with my older cousins. You know, the ones I actually like. We went to Maverick to get ice cream and it was quite the event. You see they have this shake machine. You pick your cup and put it in the machine and it spits you out a shake, well, it's supposed to. It didn't really work at first. It was nice to get away from camp for a little bit and a good way to spend our last night there. 

Hopefully we can go again next year but with a much smaller more enjoyable group.

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