Job Descriptions

What does one do when sleep does not exist in their life? We're talking not falling asleep till 6:30 AM here people! Gotta love going through tough times. Anyways, I like to think I'm being productive by looking for a job. Not that I'm desperate for a job, but it would be something for me to do. But let's face it... between my blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Hulu, and Netflix my schedule is always slammed! So, on yet another sleepless night, I headed over to Craigslist. Here are some of the jobs I found. . . word for word.

- Ride Operator (at a park) .... what rides are there at a park?

- Freelance Bosnian Medical Interpreter

- Bluetooth Programmer

- Youtube Video Finder

- Superstar Appointment Setter

- Mystery Shopper

- Pet Nutrition Specialist

- Bounce House Attendant

- Part Time Chile Peeler

And my very favorite that I found, no joke, read...

"Are you a Bronze God or a Super Tan Man?" .... Oompa Loompas require within.

Hmm I'm thinking I'll definitely go for the Freelance Bosnian Medical Interpreter.

Happy Humpday!

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