"Everything is gonna be alright
Just don't look back 
Keep your head up in the sky
Your heart is in good hands 
Everything is gonna be alright" 

                                                          -Letters, The Scene Aesthetic

Dear Sev Lev: When I want ice cream at an incredibly ridiculous hour of the night, it is not okay for your ice cream freezer to look like this. 

Dear Childhood: Come back, I miss you. Life was so much easier when I only had to stress about how to arrange the furniture in my doll house. 

Dear Summer School: You aren't nearly as bad as I had once anticipated. I'm owning you. 

Dear Jess : Welcome to the "constantly changing your blog" Addiction. It's hard to get over. Let me tell you. But I'm proud to say I've been clean for over 2 weeks now. Wink face. 

Dear Target bras: Thank you for keeping me thoroughly entertained while walking through the delicates section. It's good to know you have spill-proof bras. I'll alert the media. 

Dear Eyes: You keep getting worse. It's making my homework very hard. Please stop. Thanks. 

Dear Sir: Thank you for putting a big BMW sticker on your back window just in case I couldn't tell what kind of car you were driving from the normal logo permanently on the back. I'm very informed now. 

Dear Birthday: Please be a good one. The past 4 years have been a let down. Let's call a truce? 

Dear TOMS: I am extremely disappointed in you. I can't find any of these pairs anywhere. I'm beginning to think most of your shoes are merely abstract ideas that do not exist in reality. Boo. 

Dear Life: Give me a break? Mmkay, Thanks! 

Dear Ky: 

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