It's That Time of Year

You know? That time of year.... 

wasting hours you'll never get back 


pool parties 

falling in love


no, no, no. I'm not talking about summer. 
I'm talking about that time of year with...

packed suitcases by the door


shirtless men 

US Weekly stories


expensive hotels

over emotional men 

make outs 

No, no. I'm not talking about MTV Spring Break.

I'm talking about...

first dates

never felt like this befores 

spending hours getting ready

awkward introductions

I'm talking about that time of year with...

group dates

dramatic music 

weird occupations

voice overs 

musical performances by people nobody has heard of 

staring out into the abyss pretending to be deep in thought 



final roses 

Yes! Ladies and Gents, I'm talking about that horrible, wonderful, exciting, dramatic, we should all really be dreading this in reality because it's so pointless and doesn't benefit us in the slightest but we know we're going to watch anyway, tv show that we all call The Bachelorette. 

Featuring Andi. 

Can't say that I'm thrilled about her. I think one faker than sweet and low courtroom scene was enough to last me an entire Bachelorette lifetime. And then some. 
But, es okay, I'm sure ABC will have more than enough other cheesy scenes and intro videos on hand to accompany any Judge Judy reenactment we may see. 

I can't decide whether or not to do my episode recaps.... any thoughts? 

You can see a couple of my previous ones  here and here 

Good luck to Andi on being the latest bach-aye-lor-ette. Juan Pabs is sad you didn't stay with him but es okay. He fell in deep deep like with Nikki the Nurse.

The games begin Monday!!! 


  1. DO IT! Taylor and I love reading them :)

  2. I can't wait!!!!! It is the best time of the year!!

  3. Do it! That way I don't have to watch but will still know what my co-workers are talking about! :-)