1000 words x 9

This summer has been crazy in the best way. I figured I'd make up for my lack of blogging with something like 9,000 words. But I don't want to write that much and I know ya'll don't want to read that much so we'll do it picture style because you know that saying... a picture is worth a thousand words. Quite honestly these were just some of my favorite pics that I took on my most recent trip to Cali. And yes, I say most recent because I have been back and forth about 4 times in a month.  Hopefully you're all having a fabulous summer as well! 

The majority of these pics were taken at Bodega Bay. 

This was in a restaurant and my sister actually took it, I just did the editing and cropping haha. Thanks Amanda! 

I don't know how well you can see but my nephew totally biffed it and fell into the ocean in his clothes. Did I mention that this particular day it was 60 degrees outside, windy, and the water was absolutely FREEZING. But let's just be honest. I laughed, a lot, when he tripped. I'd feel bad but he totally owned me at the pool the previous day. 

To get to Bodega Bay we had to drive through a smaller town, Petaluma, CA. We were driving by and my sister and I spotted this huge bright mural with MAXFIELD at the top of it. Well umm hello.... I had to stop to take a picture because that's my last name. We pulled in and well shoot, the dude was still there painting it. He got up and came walking over to our car... I was cringing at this point because quite honestly I was just bracing myself for an awkward conversation. Well he was totally chill and about my age. Come to find out he's a pretty big deal! I asked him about "Maxfield" and he said that was his name... Maxfield Bala. If you go to his website and read about all the stuff he's done, it's pretty impressive. And he's a pretty cool guy. 

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