The Hormonal Ugly Cry, a Facebook Message, and Anthony Burns

So I had a 100% different post planned for today. And then a bunch of things happened that changed that. It was my birthday eve I guess you could call it. I had a break down. Of course this break down could be attributed to basically hormones. All girls will understand this... the hormonal ugly cry. It's a thing. It's the cry that starts out for no reason but then turns into a domino effect of every stupid thing you could possibly be crying about.... I forgot to go to the post office, I still haven't bought dryer sheets, my nail polish always chips 2 days after I paint them and I can't figure out why, I haven't been eating healthy today when I should be eating nothing but healthy because I have a trip coming up that I don't want to be self conscious for, the fact that I shouldn't even be crying because my sister is supposed to be the emotional hormonal mess because she's pregnant, the fact that dating absolutely sucks and I feel like all guys want to do is play games and hello! Us girls are not Monopoly or Toss Across, we're people. The fact that I'm turning 22 and looking back at the past year I feel like I have accomplished nothing, the fact that I feel so freaking lazy because I've been in bed vomiting courtesy of food poisoning.  See the hormonal ugly cry about anything and everything stupid.

This is nothing compared to some places I've been in the past. I've been down some pretty scary roads that I don't care to go into much detail about. I've been there like many other people and even though it was a few years ago, it's still sometimes very real to me. I'm a pretty happy person in general, especially when I'm around the people I care about but life isn't consistent, which we all know and it has major peaks and downfalls as we can expect.

During this ridiculous melt down I got on Facebook and found something in my inbox from my best friend. She knows me and my past probably more than a lot of people. It was this video.

I basically balled through the whole thing, but wow. This guy is pretty freaking incredible and he made me snap out of whatever I was dealing with. 

It's funny how things happen. How things show up right when you need them. The fact that she sent this within half an hour of my ridiculous crying fest. The fact that timing is everything and timing has a way of working itself out. 
This post got way more personal than I ever intended but it's a personal pet peeve of mine when bloggers pretend that life is all rainbows and butterflies because I don't care who you are, that's not the case. And there are obviously a lot of other people out there that needed to see this otherwise he wouldn't have made this video. 

So thank you to Anthony Burns and thank you to my BFF for an uplifting wake up call. 

I challenge you to share this with someone who you think would benefit from it. Because I know I did and you might just make a bigger impact than expected. 


  1. Kylie, know that you are loved more than you will ever know!!!! I wish for you, all the same things you dream of. It will all happen at the right time. Your post is great and I know for a fact that people only put up the good things in their lives to make others think something is wrong with themselves. Thank you for having the courage to post the truth and to absolutely make a difference to everyone who will read this post!! You truly are an amazing and beautiful person!!

  2. This was so cheesy but so good. The past week has been 'ugly cry for no reason' for me too, lovely being a girl huh? But I hope your birthday turned out great =)