Jingle Jangle

Hope you're not expecting an organized post.
You won't find it here.
This is going to be a mess but I'm excited!
I haven't blogged in what I feel has been FOREVER!
I'm laying in bed watching Shark Week (woot woot) and decided I was finally in the mood to put this mumbo jumbo of a blog post together.

annoyance of the day: People who post immensely long blogs with size .09578374 size font. Some of them you could scroll forever. I know mine can be long sometimes but at least I post some pictures to mix it up. What's with this crap that doesn't even make sense and trying to talk yourself up with the whole holier than thou attitude. It just makes me laugh that people try THAT hard to make their life sound amazing when it's really just average, if even that, just like everybody else. Okay, I'm done.

Okay so I posted an earlier picture of this gift I got for my birthday. Well my brother finished it and it's absolutely amazing! Here it is!

I love it!

So going back to school has got me inspired with crafting! I refuse to have anything BLACK in my room this year and so I have been making things I can put in my room that are as COLORFUL as possible! It all started with this. . .

Flower ball I made with Jess when she was up here for the week. It was a butt load of folding paper but they turned out SOOO cute!
I took the colors that were in my flower ball and ran with it.

This is what resulted...

This frame (originally white, turned blue courtesy of me)

Another picture frame ($3.00 @ Hobby Lobby) painted with yellow and covered with rolled fabric, all which I found at my house. I think it turned out super cute! I just need to finish trimming some edges and we're good to go!

Scrabble art. . . We had a bag of scrabble tiles from another art project and I had all the canvas and paint. Cost me nothing. Love it! I picked some random out of the ordinary words that I like and wah-la!

I have more projects but they are still in progress. I'll post when I get them finished.

Next news? My mom and I got bikes!!! I'm so excited! This is a picture of us trying to try them out at Target. 20 feet wasn't exactly enough to get the feel for the bike. We ended up getting them from a little bike shop. I'll post pictures as soon as we get them. Probably when we return from Bear Lake. They're so cute you might just die. I can't wait!

This next item is way random but I thought I'd throw it in there. The other night everyone was gone and I was home alone so I decided I wanted a crepe. Well I have no idea how to make them so it resulted in this. Pancakes with Nutella, bananas, and coconut. YUMMY! So rich though that I could barely eat 2.

Well as Chris Harrison would say. . .
"For everyone who's been a part of this one. . . I'm (Insert your name here). . . Good night"

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