Day 18: A picture of the cast from your favorite tv show

Okay so I must admit... a while ago when everyone was obsessed with The Office I was like what the crap. It looked so weird and dumb to me and I didn't understand it. Garrett has all the seasons so I thought I'd start watching them. Come to find out we have every season but the first. Well my good friend Jess surprised me with the first season she found it while she was shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Well needless to say that was all it took. It became my favorite show. I wasted so much time watching all the seasons! I love Jim though. He is the best. He's so sarcastic and is constantly playing jokes - I love it!

And I wouldn't be Kylie if I didn't acknowledge the fact that I have never missed a season of the Bachelor (or Bachelorette for that matter) I love this show. I know half the time it's ridiculous and they rarely stay together but there's something about it that gets me every time. Watching people "fall in love" is really pretty cool. I guess i'm just a hopeless romantic and this somehow gives me hope that one day I'll have a happy ending. This last season was one of my very favorites! Brad and Emily... oh my goodness I have never hoped that a bachelor couple make it more than them. I love them!!! I admire both of them for being so real and not caring what people think. I must admit I cried during the finale. I know it's stupid but they just seemed real together and lets be honest... I'm a little jealous of what they have. So yeah The Bachelor. . . It's great!

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