Day 16: Someone I would trade places with for a day

Alright, so it's hard to narrow this down but if I could trade places with anyone it would come down to these two people.

The first would be a guy around my age. I find them so confusing it's irritating. I figure that if I got to trade places with one of them then maybe I'd understand how and what they think about life because for the life of me I can't seem to figure this one out. Trading places with a guy would just answer all my "why" questions I have about all the things they do. They're just confusing and make zero sense to me.

The second would be Taylor Swift. I mean if we're being honest this girl has everything: she's beautiful and gorgeous, thin, popular, basically a legend. Who wouldn't want to be her. As much as you try to hate her you just can't. She has everything.

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