A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Okay let's get something straight:

If your refrigerator is working perfectly fine and there's nothing wrong with it, you don't go out looking for a new one.

Think about it.

moving on...

Life. Is. Great. I've been so stressed lately but it's been good. It gets the adrenaline pumping. This week at school was crazy. I studied so much; I was even impressed with myself. This weekend has been great so far! I'm loving every second of it. Let's be honest, I haven't studied near as much as I planned to, but I'm enjoying myself and there's always tomorrow right?

Well Friday I came home and got to play with my niece and nephew and then we went and picked up their mom from the airport. After that we went shopping. It was great; I got some fun stuff including 2 new dresses! They're adorable! I can't wait to wear one of them on Easter Sunday. Well while we were at the mall I ran into an old friend and she was like, wait a second, I'm setting you up with this guy tonight! I was kinda taken back and surprised but needless to say, I ended up on a date that night. It was loads of fun; we ate at Iggy's and then went to Airborne, a trampoline arena.

Today I slept in till . . . well I won't tell you, but I really should have gotten up earlier. It was nice to catch up on the sleep I missed out on all week. I got up and ran some errands with my mom and then we headed to my grandma's to dye Easter eggs. It was way fun and I got to hang out with all the family which is always fun. My mom and I had to run off down to the planetarium to see a movie for my Astronomy class. It was uber boring and I was so close to falling asleep multiple times during the movie. The day flew by, but overall it was a success I would say.

I'm stressed about school but not. It's weird but I find my own ways of keeping myself motivated. What they are will remain a secret, but trust me, it works. I'm so ready for finals to be over and for my next classes to start. I'm ready for change. I'm ready to move out of the dorm but in all honestly I will really miss it and a lot of the people around there. Overall though, I'm happy. I'm content. I'm me.

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