Navy Green and Yellow

Today Garrett called me and was like come to the Jazz game with Mitch and me. Well… me? Turn down a Jazz game? You’ll never see the day. We got 3 tickets for $20… quite the steal. They were nosebleeds but hey, it was great! They were playing the Blazers. Our seats ended up being the 16th row in the nosebleeds about 7 rows from the very tippy top.

We watched the first quarter and most of the second from up there and while the game was going on we were scoping seats down in the lower bowl in hopes of moving down there. We didn’t see anybody checking tickets down there so 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter we decided to head down. We had scoped out some seats that were absolutely perfect… 3 together, 9th row, right behind the team. It was perfect! We got to the portal and headed in. Some people were coming out and Mitch went in between them and got in. Garrett and I had to wait for the said people to go by and then this lovely usher made his appearance. “Ticket?” haha well we basically just stood there and Garrett did his best to fake the “I don’t have it with me” it didn’t work. It got even better when we couldn’t call Mitch because Garrett’s phone decided to die and clear out everything. Eventually Mitch noticed and came back out. We walked around to try and get a game plan and finally we decided we’d go in the portal next to it and make our way across. Garrett was nervous and just wanted to go back up… normally I would’ve been like it isn’t worth it but these seats were basically on the floor! I wanted them… a lot. So Mitch and me decided to go in and so we told Garrett to come on... he still wasn't sure and didn't come right away. We got to the other side and got down to these awesome seats. Well somebody had already snatched them up! Mitch was going to go down and tell them that they were our seats but then he decided against it… Garrett did eventually come in. We realized we weren’t going to be that lucky and decided to head to the other side of the court where we noticed some other seats that were empty. We forgot exactly where they were but luckily Mitch had taken a picture from up above so we zoomed in on the picture to find the row. It was a lot easier to get in on this side. The usher wasn’t nearly as concerned. We found 5 empty seats (they weren’t bad – row 14) and made ourselves comfy. By this time the 2nd half had already started. Less than 2 minutes later a couple came back with their beer and were like these are our seats…. Okay so we got up and moved… there were 4 empty seats across the isle so we tried that. That lasted for about 5 minutes. Some angry dude with his beer came down and started getting after Mitch… these are MY seats. Okay sir, sorry, we’ll be on our way.

By this point we gave up and headed back up to the nosebleeds. This is the view we ended up with . . .

It was an okay game, not too exciting though. We were never in the lead… it was semi disappointing. The fourth quarter was pretty disappointing…. At some point during our musical chair act we fell behind 10 points. We never really caught up. The final score was 98 – 87. Devin Harris did really well though and Gordon Hayward, and I’m pretty sure half our team was out with injuries. The injury report was as follows:

Okur – is out for the season because of his back, Kirilenko – bruised nerve in left knee, Price – left leg and shin, Bell – sprained right foot, Fesenko – sprained thumb, Harris – strained right hamstring.

Harris did end up playing and he scored the most points for the team at 26.

The game got over around 11 and by the time I got back up to the dorms it was like 11:30. I got back to my room and it was dark. I found it odd… well I walked in and she was already in bed. I just find it hilarious! Whenever I go out and come back later she is always in bed… I think she does this to try and make me feel guilty. It doesn’t work, especially when every other day she doesn’t go to bed until at least 1 AM. And then when I come in and have to move around and get ready for bed the drama starts . . . the thrashing of the covers, dramatically sandwiching the head between the pillows. Hahaha it’s rather entertaining. Well it was a pretty great night and I’m sure tomorrow will be just as good!

Hey, what’s the difference between the Utah Jazz and a dollar bill?

You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill.

What do you call 15 millionaires around a TV watching the NBA finals?

The Utah Jazz.

Haha I’m just kidding I am and will forever be a Jazz fan! I love them to death no matter how much we lose.

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