Strawberries and Chocolate

Me vs. the world. As of lately the world is winning. What an awkward time in life. It’s confusing, lonely, and slow and seems to be going nowhere. School seems to be going on forever and it’s bringing too much anxiety for my liking. Anxiety…. Isn’t that a regular occurrence as of lately. It’s a good thing I have my family. I don’t do well without them, more on that later. Well through all the rough there are good times and this past weekend was quite enjoyable.

It was conference weekend I headed down to my house. Garrett came up and brought his special friend with him. She stayed the weekend as well. All things considered it went better than expected and I rather liked her. But time will tell where all that will go.

So Friday I went down to my house and did some homework and hung out with my mom and Amanda. That night we all hung out together and ended up watching “How Do You Know” It’s a good show but lags a little in the middle and towards the end.

Saturday we woke up and watched conference. I’ll be honest I had a hard time paying attention so it’s my goal to go back and watch the talks when I get a chance. After the first session we went to the mall and got lunch. I’m excited I can actually go back without worrying about anything. We found the Katy Perry OPI crackle nail polish… I was a bit excited. It looks really cool but I’ll admit I already took it off… I wanted something simpler. While we’re on the topic of nails I want to try the sally Hansen file off nail polish strips … any body want to try them with me? Later that night the boys went to priesthood and the girls went to a movie, “Source Code” AMAZING movie! It has Jake Gyllenhaal in it and if that isn’t enough to get you to go, it really was an incredible movie. Stuff blows up so guys will enjoy it. When the movie was over we went and met up with the boys at home and then the 6 of us went to dinner at Su Casa possibly my favorite place to get Mexican food. I talked Garrett into going to the black pool after dinner and he FINALLY agreed… it only took how many months? It was rainy and dark too haha what a perfect night! Well we got there and come to find out they bulldozed the pool. I was very disappointed. You could see the hole but it wasn’t the same. We headed to a park after even though it was pouring rain. We played on this merry-go-round type thing and needless to say Garrett pretty much dominated. When we finally got home we tried to go to bed but ended up staying up way too late watching movies, making bracelets, and talking. We didn’t go to bed until a little after 4. Haha What were we thinking?

Well Sunday we woke up to waffles… I enjoyed it. I love waffles! Especially my dad’s made from scratch waffles. Oh did I mention we also woke up to 3 inches of fresh snow on the ground? Yeah, I didn’t like it. Well Sunday was pretty basic, we played some games and then during the second session of conference I had to take my parent’s to the airport. I cried when I left them. I don’t do well without them. Even though I don’t live at home just knowing they’re not around for a couple weeks is hard for me. It’s tough growing up. And confusing. Later that night I came back up to campus and pretty much passed out in my bed around 9 O’clock. It was nice to get around 11 hours of sleep after staying up so late … or is it early?

Monday I hung out with my sister for a little while. It was much needed. She’s amazing! I don’t know how she does what she does. She’s really such a great mom and a great sister. I love hanging out with her. We went over to our grandparent’s house for dinner it was great! Mckinley didn’t eat much but when dessert came out she wanted it! We had strawberries, chocolate and whip cream. It was delicious! Mckinley loved the strawberries and then grandma gave her some whip cream on a plate and it was hilarious from there on. Mckinley started to dip the strawberry in it and eat it, then she dipped her strawberry and licked it, finally, she decided if she put the strawberry down, picked up the plate, and licked it, it was a much more efficient way of getting the whip cream. It was a good night.

And now here I am back in class sitting here listening to my teacher go on about things that I disagree with. I’ll give you an example…. He is telling us that the story of Sleeping Beauty is centered on her menstrual period. Umm talk about ruining a fairy tale! He started talking about “that Mormon church” and at that point I totally tuned him out. I don’t care to hear his opinion especially on that topic. So I’ll spend my class time somewhat listening and blogging. I love blogging! I have institute next… I love institute. It’s just fun along with some other factors. I think that’s enough of a novel for one post. I guess I’ll go suffer through the last ten minutes of class. Facebook anyone? ;)

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