So our trip started out great. We got to the park early and it looked a little like this ....

It was pretty great and every ride was basically walk on. Well it didn't last very long. Probably like 20 minutes max. It was way busy but we still had fun. I got talked into going on the ferris wheel, but only in the non swinging one. (I did eventually go on the swinging one- scariest. thing. ever.)
This is the view from the top. You can kind of see Cars Land and all the construction. They're basically redoing all of California Adventure. It's insane.

me on the ferris wheel.

Later that night we ended up eating at a place called Shakey's Pizza cause my mom used to go to one growing up. It was amazing pizza and they also had an arcade so I messed around basically so I could get this Barney Rubble tattoo. 30 tickets later I ended up with these....
I have no idea why I thought they were so cool.

We also got to do this "Magic Morning" thing where you get to go into the park one hour early and so for fun right before it opened to the public we went and watched all the certifiably insane people stampede into Disneyland.

Me on the swings.

Saturday we decided after seeing how busy Disneyland was on Friday there was no way we were going to go back to that insanity. So we headed for the beach!

And after the beach we went to the Queen Mary. It's supposedly haunted and for those of you who know me, you know I'm into creepy stuff like this.

Basically we did a "Self Guided Audio Tour" but thing is, they suck at posting signs and directions so we went in circles and ended up in some creepy parts of the ship. It was pretty interesting.

There was one place and I don't know how they did it but you were able to go "out of the ship" but you were below water level and they had basically extended the ship out and made a place where you could see one of the propellers. It was kinda erie but probably one of the coolest parts of our "tour"

Overall it was a really fun trip and a good start to the summer. Now I get to go back to school tomorrow. Ugh.

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