The Scoop, Drama, and Latest Saga

First and foremost- I want Cafe Rio.
More specifically a pork salad. No beans, guac, cilantro. Creamy dressing.
That's gotta be so bad for you but hey, a girl can splurge once in a while.

I also am craving spinach and artichoke dip. Can you tell I haven't eaten yet!?!?! Oh my gosh.


Next, the gym is kickin' my trash! But I love it!
Yesterday I discovered that when you need a good distraction, turn on the Inspector Gadget - Techno Remix and watch all the people on the elipticals and treadmills going to the beat haha! It's kinda entertaining. It's like the Inspector Gadget Army with all those people!


The Bachelorette started last Monday!!! woo woo!
I'll be honest... didn't really like Ashley, but I think it will be alright.
I already have my favorites pegged
- Ben C.
- Blake
- Nick
- Ryan M.
- Ryan P.
- West
- William

So I really love how West introduced himself and the fact that he gave her a compass that was literally stuck on West was adorable!
But if we're being honest, William is FINE! He's very nice to look at.
Only time will tell.
I'm guessing Bentley will stick around a while and end up breaking her heart. (The rumor is he went to BYU and is LDS. . . hmm)


I was cleaning out my Facebook inbox and I found this link my sister sent me way back in the fall. Basically it's the 5 things you should know before kissing anyone.
It went a little like this.

1. Are they looking for a serious relationship?
(But if you're not either... well, then, you don't have to be worried about who you are kissing. Kiss whomever the heck you want.)

2. You are impressed with what they are doing in their life.

3. You respect them.

4. You sense that they are comfortable with themselves.

5. You really want to kiss them.

Just some food for thought. I found it interesting.


Next item on the list is absolutely HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

But before we get there a huge shout out to my parents because none of this would be going down if it weren't for them. The fact that this is actually going to happen is because of them. They are the most amazing parents anyone could ask for. (Even if this weren't going to happen I would still feel the same.)

Okay here we go!

Drum roll please!!!!!

The Scene Aesthetic.
Living Room Tour.
14 Stops.
This summer.

Dream. Come. True!!!
Eric and Andrew will be doing an acoustic concert at my house for this stop of their tour!
Words cannot express my excitement, they are seriously my FAVORITE music group. EVER.
Tickets go on sale TOMORROW. It's going to be INCREDIBLE.
These are 2 of the most genuine guys ever and I cannot wait!!!!



  1. Kylie- When are they coming and how much are the tickets?

  2. They are coming July 20th. TIckets go on sale tomorrow at http://themischiefco.com/thelivingroomtour/ I'm not sure how much they are but I'll keep you posted with more info as I get it. :)

  3. Hey Nikki!

    They are selling tickets here


    Salt Lake isn't up yet but will be shortly