Victoria's Secret Bombshell

Garrett: Kylie, do you need new underwear?
Kylie: What?
Garrett: Do you need new underwear?
Kylie: Why are you asking me this?
Garrett: I found this coupon. If you buy underwear you get a free beach towel.
Kylie: Yeah...
Garrett: So I want the towel.
Garrett: It would be funny. I'd use it on the boat.
Kylie: Well we'll be gone when it's good so you'll have to ask mom.

little bit later

Kylie: Mom, Garrett says I need new underwear.
Mom: What?
Garrett: If you buy underwear then you get a beach towel (showing her the coupon) but don't worry the girl doesn't come with it.

Later while we're in California...

Kylie: Just thought you should know I just bought some new underwear at Victoria's Secret.
Garrett: Did a towel come with it?
Kylie: Maybe
Garrett: Ah oh... I hope it did or else your underwear would have been bought in vain.

Right before we came home...

Kylie: I got you some stuff
Garrett: Is one of them pink?

Needless to say he ended up like this. . .

He was very happy with his Victoria's Secret Bombshell beach towel.

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