The Perks of Being Single

Why should you love being single?

Here's the list:
- shave your legs as you please
- slump around the house in any old thing
- the toilet seat issue... need I say more?
- flirt as much as you want without a worry in the world
- watch whatever movies and TV you want
- don't have to constantly build his ego
- don't have to check with anyone about anything
- spend your money on what you want
- control the radio in the car
- only one you have to please is yourself
- no one to fight with
- indulge all you want
- no sharing
- valentine's day costs less
- no jealousy issues
- control of the thermostat
- less pressure about body weight
- only mood swings you have to deal with are your own
- you decide how long it takes to get ready
- weekends are for you
- say goodbye to heartache!

Okay, it probably totally seems like I'm being negative and selfish but the truth is lately I've discovered how GREAT it is to be single! I have no one to please but myself, no one to make happy but myself, no one to worry about but myself. I don't look at this as being selfish but more as embracing the circumstances.

I have so many friends who have a "significant other" and truth is, I look at them and see how miserable they seem. Always fighting, crying, "missing" the other, waiting on the other, etc. Not saying there aren't good things because there are and I see it in many couples but really? People my age just seem kind of miserable with their significant other. I had never had someone tell me they were jealous of me because I am single until recently and boy, it opened my eyes! I was like yeah... I really do love this, I've been so happy lately and just enjoying life and doing things on my own time and schedule.

Now this is not to say that the idea never strikes my fancy because occasionally it does. I get jealous of other couples sometimes but it doesn't take long for that feeling to pass and for me to go back enjoying my carefree life. It will happen when it's supposed to but for now I'm totally happy and content. I just gotta get through school!

Here's to all the Single Ladies!

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